Beach Reservations

Beach Reservations

Please keep the gates closed and locked at all times at the DPA beach. Do not prop open with rocks. This causes damage to the gate closer system. Your cooperation and consideration is much appreciated!

Make a beach party reservation

Call the Recreation Supervisor at the Pool after Memorial Day at (530) 583-7608 to make a beach party reservation. Prior to Memorial Day, please call the management office at (530) 583-4487. A deposit is required upon approval.

Have Questions?

Office (530) 583-4487
Beach Phone (530) 583-2703
Pool Phone (530) 583-7608

Download the 2017 Beach Reservation form by clicking here.

To view a calendar of availability online, click here

Beach Party Regulations

  • No beach party may exceed 40 persons. Advance reservations are required for evening and night time use of the picnic area and BBQ. Reservation requests are made through the recreation supervisor at the pool. Event insurance is required for catered parties.
  • Once a reservation is approved the party receiving the approval is responsible for tacking a “Reserved” sign, (provided by the supervisor) on the picnic table on the morning of the event.
  • The function must end by 10:00 PM.
  • A volleyball may be picked up from the pier attendant on duty that day and must be returned to the bathroom after use.
  • Trash must be collected and put in the bear bins, the bathroom door locked and gates closed when leaving.