Dollar Point members welcome visitors to our community in the Lake Tahoe basin. We encourage all visitors to be informed, safe and to be good neighbors while visiting. Please review the information below on DPA access policies, the Renter FAQ along with the resource links to the right.  We encourage all to arrive prepared for fire safety, bear safety and to be respectful of our community while visiting. Placer County provides tips on good neighbor practices along with rules for short term rentals.  Please review the links to the right to understand the expectations for visitors. We hope any visit will be fun, safe and rewarding.

Members and Escorted Guests Only – No Short Term Renters

DPA facilities are accessible only by members, defined member family and escorted guests. If there are questions about your membership status please contact the office.

Short Term Renters of DPA member homes are not allowed access to DPA facilities. 

The current DPA access policy for the season (Jan 1 through Dec 31) was announced to the membership by the DPA Board on January 21, 2020. The purpose of announcing the policy change early was to enable all members who rent their homes to align rental contracts and listings with the new policy.

Access for Long Term Renters

A member may choose to relinquish their access privileges to the lessee and give up the right of access during the lease period. For the long-term tenant’s access, 31 or more days as defined by the DPA rules and regulations, the member must present the lease agreement to the DPA office and the lessee must present themselves to the DPA for photo ID. During the lease period the member and their family will not have access (or access cards) while their tenant’s DPA access is in place

Renter Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are renting a home in Dollar Point, where can I find more information on access to DPA pool, beach, pier, buoys or tennis courts.

  • A: DPA facilities are for members only.  Please contact the property manager or homeowner/member with any questions about North Tahoe recreation facilities.

Q: What recreational facilities are available in the North Tahoe basin.

  • A: See the North Tahoe Visitors link below for activities information.